Audio: Author's Forum at Christ Reformed Church

recovering-the-reformed-confession Here. Thanks to the folks at Christ Reformed (Anaheim) for their hospitality.

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  1. Dr. Clark-

    I just finished listening to your lecture, and now plan on buying the book asap.

    Do you interact with Sproul in the book regarding the issues over Jonathan Edwards? I know you mentioned Packer, I. H. Murray, and Lloyd-Jones. In my experience, Sproul has been the most significant in pointing to Edwards as a giant of the Reformed faith (I assume this is due to Gerstner’s influence?). He was the one who (through radio and books; I have never met him) led me to the reformed faith, but the first issue where I began to find myself in disagreement with him was over Edwards and the awakening. The circles I have been in, it is almost blasphemy to question Edwards at all, since he is seemingly considered the model of piety and intellect for Reformed folks. I guess it would be fruitful for me to hear a debate, read a discussion, or what have you between Sproul, Piper, Packer, etc. and yourself and those who are in agreement with you (Hart comes to mind). Maybe a future issue for Modern Reformation?

    Anyways, I don’t feel so alone in my concerns anymore. I hope your book reaches many hands, heads, and hearts. I will certainly be giving this book to as many people as I can.

  2. Hi Allen,

    I survey and interact with a lot of Edwards scholarship. My goal is to help folk read Edwards more critically and thoughtfully. Remember that Hodge issued a very serious caution about Edwards long ago. Further, there have been grave questions about Edwards on justification for 50 years. There’s a lot to love in Edwards but he’s too complicated to be endorsed without qualification. I know I’m treading on sacred ground here but I hope that the chapter is helpful.

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