Slight Change in Policy

Since the end of term in June I found myself posting links like a madman and I realized that I spending too much time providing links.  If you care, here’s what I think you should do: subscribe to the blogs linked to the left in the blogroll. They’re all good blogs and subscribing is easy. Click on the link above, “subscribing to the HB” to find one way of doing it. There are several ways to do it. Only a fraction of my readers come to the HB via subscription. A surprising number come via the link on my WSC site. Some web browsers (e.g. safari) have blog readers built in. You can add one to Firefox. If you’re still using Explorer, why? Sorry. If you’re using IE then use the google reader. It’s easy and free. 

Things I would link if I were linking: Wes Bredenhof is doing some excellent research into the history and background of the Belgic Confession. His latest post is terrific. You should subscribe to and read anything Martin Downes (Against Heresies) writes. Ditto for Kim Riddlebarger, Danny Hyde, Mike Brown, Wes White (a very good one today on the covenant of works), the Outhouse guys (there’s a very good post today), the Creed or Chaos guys (a good one today), the Ref21 guys, Paul Helm, Lane, Sean, and the rest of the sites listed in the blog roll.

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  1. I’m surprised to hear that so little people use the feeds. Wow.

    Just to help out those stuck with Windows and for some reason don’t use Firefox, IE 7 DOES have an RSS reader built-in as well. I use it at work, and it works pretty well.



  2. Good word. I always visit my favorite blogs (like the HB) directly. I don’t like using feeds because part of the pleasure of blogging and reading a good blog is the design and style…not just the content. I miss out on that when I use a reader.

  3. I use a reader (the Sage addon to Firefox) just to scan through and decide which sites are worth browsing to. Big, big timesaver.

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