SBC Reports Decline in Baptisms

Brad Lenzner sent this Reuters story reporting that baptisms are a twenty-year low in the SBC. Wag that he is, he suggests that one way to boost their baptism numbers would be to start baptizing their children.

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  1. Yeah, but then he’d be guilty of not shaking of all his evangelicalism and being too concerned about numbers. Sometimes you can’t win for losing with us, can you?

    Seriously, though, I love tongue-in-cheek as much as the next guy, but I’d rather see the tolerated “Bapterianism” in our circles run out on a rail before suggesting that Baptists behave like, well, non-Baptists.

    Nevertheless, good one, Brad.

  2. Zrim,

    I’ll take one for the team on the numbers concern.

    Why not go for the best of both worlds…suggest that Baptists behave like non-Baptists and long for “Bapterianism”in our circles to run out on a rail…at the same time?

    I always enjoy your comments even if I can’t win for losing with you!

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