New WHI Mini-Doc (in 5 parts)

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  1. Dr. Clark,

    I was checking the links to this video series I posted and came across this post. If you would like the five part video player, just send me an email, and I’ll send you the embed code for it. I hope everything is going well.

    Take care,

  2. Hi Lane,

    I’m a little limited as to what I can post (so far as I know now) in WP so I went with the YouTube version because that’s what I could post in WP.

    Can I use the embed code in WP? I can’t use the embed code for YT in WP. I have to use the URL. I tried using the your URL but it didn’t work so went to the YT version.

    Thanks for your good work.

  3. Hi Dr. Clark,

    We’re using WP at, and the embed code is working fine there. If there is a problem, I’m not sure if it would be with WP because there’s an embedded video showing up in this post. If you’d like to try it, just let me know. (

    Also, a Youtube user that goes by the user name bezel333 posted part of a sermon you gave at his church a couple months or so ago. It was very encouraging. I’m thankful for God’s faithfulness to you.


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