Mission Heidelberg!

Will Traub is an old friend (we both have roots in the RCUS) and he is a PCA MTW (Mission to the World) missionary to Germany (and now the rest of Europe it seems!). In his most recent newsletter he reports:

“Following my time in Greece, I flew to Frankfurt, Germany, to meet up with Pastor Jon Payne, elder Joe Fowler and his wife Carol of Grace Presbyterian Church, Douglasville, GA. We then did a bit of touring and ended up in Baden-Baden to meet with Sebastian Heck and his family. Sebastian has been received under care of the Presbytery and is working toward being called and ordained in the PCA as an assistant pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church with the responsibility of planting a church in heidelberg, Germany. Sebastian has been named the new Team Leader of the, yet to be formed, MTW Heidelberg team. I am very much involved in this effort, helping with planning and fund raising.”

Will reports that Sebastian will serve an internship in the US before returning to Heidelberg to plant a (confessional) Reformed Church.

Sebastian is thoughtful and enthusiastic student of the Reformed faith and I’m confident that he’ll do a terrific job. He blogs (in German) here. Imagine that — better, pray for that– the planting of a confessional Reformed church in one of the cities that is one of the founts of the Reformed faith. There hasn’t been a confessional Reformed congregation in Heidelberg for a very long time. The Gospel is powerful and the Spirit works through the Word and it doesn’t return empty. This is exciting news.

UPDATE: Sebastian wrote to remind me about another site connected to the mission to Heidelberg: Reformation2Germany. Check it out.

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