Bebe Rebozo's Friend Has A Museum

The Garmin worked great. Took me straight to the Nixon Presidential Library/Museum in Yorba Linda. It’s quite different from the Reagan Museum. The presidential museums really do reflect the different personalities of the presidents they honor. The Reagan Library is big, roomy, even glitzy. There are two souvenir shops in the Reagan Museum. By contrast, the Nixon Museum is older, homier, more intimate. It’s a Republican cloth coat. There’s barely a souvenir shop on the way out. It’s an after thought. The Watergate display is being re-done (with flat screen monitors – it’s a bit of a culture shock to go from dowdy electronics complete with personal CD players that look like Nixon’s great-grand children donated them to flat screen monitors) so it’s absent. Nevertheless, it does a good job of going one a sense of the man and his humble background. Even though he’s gone, through his museum he’s still trying to talk to the baby boomers by the Lincoln Memorial late at night. We still have Dick Nixon to kick around.

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