Chicken of the Sea?

chicken-churchReformed Churches have long posted a rooster-shaped weather vane atop their church buildings as a silent warning to their members not to deny Christ (Matt 26:34). The Church By the Sea in St Petersburg, FL is a congregational church founded in 1944. Apparently their architect decided to take it a step further. Billy Hallowell posts this picture and an accompanying story today. It’s a warning to watch architects very closely when it comes to designing churches. This goes to Calvin’s maxim that the human heart is an idol factory. A architect friend confided some years ago that perfectly reasonable architects sometimes go a little wacky when designing religious buildings. Instead of drawing attractive, simple, functional, buildings in which congregations can meet for public worship, Christian instruction, and fellowship they are tempted to turn them into offerings to God. Just because one is a good architect doesn’t mean that one is a good theologian or that one understands the second commandment. Consistories and sessions beware.


  1. 1) Looks more like a Chocobo.

    2) Please be considerate in when you post items such as this. I nearly choked on my turkey sandwich when I saw the picture.


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