The Hodges On Why The Reformed Churches Receive Roman Catholic Baptisms As Valid

All the Reformed Churches, as well as the Lutherans, practically and confessedly recognized the Validity of Romanish Baptism. Gallic Conf., Art. 28. “Because, nevertheless, that in the papacy some scant vestiges of the true Church remain, and especially the substance of Baptism, the efficacy of which does not depend upon him that administers it, we acknowledge those baptized by them, not to need to be re-baptized, although on account of the corruptions adhering, no one can offer his infants to be baptized by them, without suffering pollution himself.” Calvin’s Institutes, Bk. IV., Chap. 15, § 16. “Such in the present day are our Cata-baptists, who deny that we are duly baptized, because we were baptized in the Papacy by wicked men and idolaters; hence they furiously insist on Ana-baptism. Against these absurdities we shall be sufficiently fortified if we reflect that by baptism we were initiated not into the name of any man, but into the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and, therefore, that baptism is not of man, but of God, by whomsoever it may have been administered. * * * It did not harm the Jews that they were circumcised by impure and apostate priests. It did not nullify the symbol so as to make it necessary to repeat it. It was enough to return to its genuine origin. * * * Circumcision was anciently vitiated by many superstitions, and yet ceased not to be regarded as a symbol of grace; nor did Josiah and Hezekiah, when they assembled out of all Israel those who had revolted from God, call them to be circumcised anew.”
A. A. HodgeQuestions on the Text of the Systematic Theology of Dr. Charles Hodge (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1885), 136.


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