The Rise Of The New Fourth Reich And The Fall Of The New Perspective?

I was raised in an era that is evidently receding. Not that very long ago, it was quite politically incorrect to mistreat Jewish holocaust descendants. Now, a Jewish student is practically persecuted on many elite campuses. Indeed, that general disavowal of anti-Semitism, which once was a token of racism almost as bad as Jim Crow, seems vanishing.

Neo-Nazis or fans of the Third Reich, until this year, were not the good guys on American campuses; but now some professors will have to articulate how the Jew-hating of the Third Reich is different from the Jew-hating of the Fourth Reich, which is now dawning.

Now, apparently, anti-Semitism is OK, and student buildings must be surrendered to the future Gestapo brownshirts. I suppose some will soon start goose-stepping and saluting the rise of the Fourth Reich. Heil Hamas may become the rallying cry of the trust-fund sophomores, except in Gainesville, Florida.

The following profile was hardly imaginable a generation ago. A nation and region are hell-bent (yes, that is apt) on destroying a race of people, simply because of their religion and ethnicity. That geopolitical conglomerate, Hamas, has already taken the equivalent of France, Poland, Austria, and other territories. That same state uses violence and pledges itself to follow violent leaders to restore its proper reign—at the expense of Jews.

On campuses in the once-enlightened West, the heroes are those who ally with Hamas (call them Hamasophiles or Hebrewphobes, whichever you prefer) and who wish to destroy—by whatever means—Jewish people. There is little freedom of expression for these Hebrews. They may have to look over their shoulder for a stalking Goebbels, and they may soon have to start wearing yellow stars to identify themselves for more public shame.

And it seems that no shame or discrimination is enough. Of course, this comes after several generations of liberal faculty catechizing students in the repudiation of Western values.

Maybe, Jewish people—in order to please the intelligentsia of today—will need to start registering, perhaps their commercial opportunities will be curtailed, and why not just beat them up as the roving gangs of Hitler Youth did in Berlin almost a century ago. Or perhaps shatter their retail outlets.

Does anyone remember from history class (or from your great-grandparents) Kristallnacht? That was the moment after which any sane person could no longer ignore the devilish atrocity of Hitler’s Third Reich. On November 9, 1938, shops had their glass windows shattered simply because the Jew-haters sought some kind of revenge or sick reparations from successful businesspeople. The night of the broken glass was a point of no return. Synagogues were burnt while Nazi officials turned a blind eye.

The Fourth Reich will probably find some such excessive signature to boast its own virility.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. It looks like our Ivy league bastions of open-mindedness may start a few experimental “re-education” camps. Will the new Fourth Reich continue its rise, stiff-arm saluting and shouting down an ethnic people, all in service of its bloodthirsty leaders who want to eradicate the Jews from the land? Why, we may even see the bizarre marriage of the Hamas Fourth Reich with skinheads (abjured not that long ago as knuckle-draggers).

Here is a silver lining: there once was a theology that inserted a lever into the system of doctrine. This post-WWII reaction bellowed “never again” to the holocaust and its victims. And thus, an entire theological construct was created to protect Jews from ethnic cleansing.

One of the ideological drivers for the New Perspective on Paul was to avoid anti-Semitism. Likewise, one of its arguments was that the Second Temple Jews were not mere legalists, as often caricatured. The combination of this ideology and this revisionary history yielded great sympathy for Judaism. So, may we now all bid adieu to the New Perspective on Paul and its derivatives? Or will its adherents bravely take to the quad and counter protest the Hamasophiles?

Maybe some website could keep track of the tenured elite from state-funded universities to number how many will oppose the new Fourth Reich. I dare you to post a list of such profiles of courage who oppose the Fourth Reich. And maybe all the faculty who support the movement could just proceed to name it such—unless they can demonstrate the difference.

The similarities are eerie. Maybe some wise teachers will slow down the new Axis powers who search for their own master race.

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  1. Interesting piece for this website. I have always maintained, there is an intrinsic connection between Gods earthy people and the story of salvation. Their tenacious ability to thrive for millennia in spite of incredible odds is surely a testament to Gods faithfulness. Christians have a duty to not only pray for their coming to faith, but to stand against unrighteousness behaviour against their community. My great uncle died at Westerbork for harbouring and aiding the Jews in the Netherlands, my Grandfather was part of the underground. This was a strong Reformed community. Psalm 82:3 Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.

  2. Unlike the 3rd Reich, the supposed forthcoming pre-4th Reich movement seems to be more fueled by Islamists than nationalistic “brown shirts.” This is a different paradigm.

    • Hitler was a great admire of Islam as was Himmler. No doubt, the admiration was returned. Quite often you see Islamist battalions give the Nazi salute.

      • That’s scary because it would mean that some of the same tactics would be used eventually by Islamists as did Hitler’s henchmen. I don’t want to sound alarmist (there’s enough of that going around), but a “critical mass” of Islamization has already occurred in larger metropolitan cities in the U.S. (and in the “West” generally) that veer toward the tipping point of social rebellion and ultimately societal control. This trend has already been noted by various commentators in recent years.

  3. The problems of the world demand an explanation. When men reject the Biblical doctrine of the origin of evil, they seek to fill that void with an explanation. That explanation often involves a people group. The Nazis blame the Jews. The KKK blames the black man. The feminist blame the white male. etc. The problem is that putting the blame “out there” on some group leads to dissention and violence often ending in war. The Biblical answer is that the problem with the world is inside ME, my heart, and the only solution is the Gospel which breaks down racial, social, and religious differences (Eph. 2). What a great opportunity we have to preach this good news in a world devolving into chaos!

  4. Most of the aid for Gaza is being seized by Hamas and their supporters. The lion’s share certainly isn’t being done by Jewish settlers. Could you provide a source?

    And the vast majority of Jews are Zionists too, so I’m sure what Jews who live in Israel desire to see their own state destroyed.

    • Simply put, Zionism is not Judaism. The Jews were removed from the land for disobedience the first time and the second time for not acknowledging Christ. That said is Israel, a secular state, obedient to God and therefore deserving of all the land from the river to the sea?
      And Hamas however wicked it is, is Amalek?
      Maybe, but does that include all the civilians in Gaza?
      Personally, I think a pox on both their houses.
      I am not interested in American tax dollars funding either Israel or any other Mid East entity. Let them resolve their difficulties without American largesse fueling the flames and enabling the hostilities.

      • Indeed, Israel is a secular nation and a sinner like all the rest of the nations, but I believe that it is an ally worth supporting. Zionism is the desire for a Jewish homeland. The vast majority of Jews support such a desire. Nobody is arguing that Judaism = Zionism, not that I’ve heard of. Yet, they are closely connected.

        I have no issue with American tax dollars going to support allies whether Ukraine, Taiwan, South Korea, Israel, et al. The United States isn’t the one “fueling the flames or enabling the hostilities” here. The facts of the matter are quite clear that the Arabs, Hezbollah, Hamas, and various other groups started this nonsense decades ago. The Jews should be allowed to live in peace.

        The civilians in Gaza support Hamas while those that don’t are silenced or forced to go underground. Last I checked, at least Israel is freer for Christians. Indeed, the overall Christian population of Israel is rising. Can’t say the same for Gaza or the Middle East in general…

        I find this article from Tom Hervey to be most useful:

      • Indeed, it is unfortunate. The fringe right/dissident right is heavily involved on the Christian side of things. I was witness to a member of the Puritan Board being booted over some pretty nasty stuff he said in relation to the Gaza War and the Holocaust. Pretty much a Groyper.

        • I see this issue in the reformed community with those who unofficially follow the replacement theology. There is a stubbornness and a sense of superiority that is distressing.

        • I watch the Puritan Board, but not closely, and somehow missed that. Sadly, that does not surprise me. I certainly do not blame the Puritan Board or its administrators; people like that exist on the hard right of the American conservative movement and it is not a surprise that it ends up in conservative religious as well as political circles.

          I find this quotation from Savoy Declaration 26:5 to be useful in dealing with the (thankfully quite small) group of anti-semites in the conservative Reformed world, many of whom are inclined toward theonomy or Christian Reconstruction and therefore post-mil:

          “As the Lord in his care and love towards his Church, hath in his infinite wise providence exercised it with great variety in all ages, for the good of them that love him, and his own glory; so according to his promise, we expect that in the latter days, antichrist being destroyed, the Jews called, and the adversaries of the kingdom of his dear Son broken, the churches of Christ being enlarged, and edified through a free and plentiful communication of light and grace, shall enjoy in this world a more quiet, peaceable and glorious condition than they have enjoyed.” (Savoy 26:5).

          Obviously, that confessional document has no authority for Presbyterians or Dutch Reformed. But it is certainly positive proof that the Puritans, including John Owen (likely the primary reviser of the WCF to produce the Savoy) believed in the preservation of the Jewish people and their future calling.

          I’m anything but a dispensationalist, but people who think Reformed Christians are somehow anti-semitic, or should be, need to look deeper into our own Reformed history. Why did Oliver Cromwell change English law to allow Jews to openly settle in England? Why did the Netherlands become known worldwide as a safe place for Jewish people to live when too many Christians were persecuting them? It might have more than a little to do with being Reformed.

          • Well said, Darrell. Appreciate your insights. What you say is true, on all counts, especially the latter paragraph. It does seem that antisemitic thought on the right fringe of the political spectrum often comes from those who hold to theonomy/reconstructionist/certain CN types, etc.

          • Thanks for this quote Darrell, in my mind, it correlates with what scripture says. Greg, I have also appreciated your contribution to this conversation.
            The Netherlands has indeed played a significant role in the resistance during the Second World War. An interesting read is “the diary keepers” by Nina Siegal in which this subject matter is addressed.

        • I can’t edit comments posted here so I want to be clear that I am complimenting the Puritan Board admins for, using Greg’s term, “booting” someone “over some pretty nasty stuff he said in relation to the Gaza War and the Holocaust.”

          People like that show up in the comment section on lots of conservative message boards. It’s not the fault of the admins that they show up. Without having seen the comments I can’t say more, but if Greg is correct that the person was “pretty much a Groyper,” the admins did what they needed to do by booting him.

          • Hi Darrell, appreciate your comments. Yes, the user in question had prior to that incident voiced support for Fuentes from what I recall. The thread that resulted in the user being removed is available through the search bar still. Not sure if it was closed, though.


    • It was a repost from someone else. The word Reich appeared in a headline on an old newspaper. In context it was a reference to the AustroHungarian Empire.

  5. On Twitter I reposted a meme on history that was funny. The originator followed it with a question of what is the most lied about historical event. 8/10 (one thousand replied) said the Holocaust. I am still stunned.

    • I’m sorry, but it’s well established that men like McGregor and Mearsheimer are nothing more than mouthpieces for those that have a bone to pick with the United States/West, real or not. There arguments are not exactly serious, never mind the fact that McGregor loves making predictions about geopolitics that rarely come true.

      What Zionist interests are these and how are they influencing American media? What video and photographic evidence? Which Israeli leaders? All I’ve seen is repeat and countless instances of genocidal language coming Hamas and its supporters around the world. Sadly, this includes many rioters on college campuses across the U.S.

    • Your reply suggests a strong prejudice against Israel, as do your experts. Mearsheimer published a video in which he claimed it is “quite clear that on October 7 a good number of the Israelis who were killed were not killed by Hamas; they were killed by the IDF.”
      There is no evidence of this. At all.
      He is also quoted positively by Al Jazeera, a Qatari owned media.
      Jews, or zionists as you like to call them, do not have a monopoly on US Foreign Policy, as the last few weeks have shown.
      You suggest that Israelis want to kill all Arabs. Interesting to note that there are terror attacks on a daily basis against Israelis
      Palestinians are clear in their desire to eliminate Israel and Jews in general. A two state solution is not acceptable, they want the Jews gone “from the river to the sea.”
      This sentiment is echoed by pro Hamas/palestine sympathizers throughout the world as we have seen since Oct 7

      Palestinian/Hamas propaganda videos are notoriously Hollywood. Many of them have been debunked.

      Israel has a full right to protect their country and peoples. You would ask no less of your US government if this would have transpired there.

      One part of your post that I can agree with is that the only true redemption can come through the gospel, be that for Jew, Arab and everyone else.

  6. I would say sic’em, JP, but that is not in the spirit of speaking the truth in love. I am reacting to the repeated attempts to equate Israel’s self-defense with Hamas’ aggression, and Hamas’ unmistakable demands to eradicate Israel, with Palestinian rule from Jerusalem over all of the nation of Israel. I have family members who have seen combat in the present day and who served during the VietNam “conflict,” and who are educated in ethical and legal standards of warfare. I have a family member who attended the Navy War College and who did extensive study of the Just War standards. It is my belief that Israel may even exceed the measures taken by US forces to protect civilians and to engage only those who are enemy combatants. Furthermore, I believe JP is in the right when he says there is no evidence – at all – of an Israeli plan to eradicate Muslims in surrounding, hostile states. There is abundant evidence of Hamas’ war crimes before 7 October, during the attack on 7 October, and continuing. The evidence includes use of hospitals, schools, and mosques to conduct war, and in the last few days, reports indicate that perhaps a quarter of the aid to Gaza arriving at the new pier is actually arriving at aid distribution centers; the rest is “self-distributed,” that is to say looted, on the way inland from the pier. Moreover, both Hamas and the Houthis have fired on Israeli and US troops and the pier installation.
    Finally, even a light study of Islam would illustrate the historical character of violence and authoritarian rule, as well as the accepted use of deception and manipulation to forward the aims of Islam. A proper, objective study of Islam would be better. Like JP, I was really astounded to see these arguments made on this platform.

  7. Thank you so much, JP, Lola, etc. for this article and such great comments! With these ugly Hamas, Houthi, etc., attacks continuing, it’s just so obvious the truth of this demonic filled ‘religion’ of Islam! We should more and more ‘tell it like it is’ when we relate to these deviants! I’ve been doing my homework for 50 years, as I know so many others have and do. I don’t sugarcoat anything when it comes to these blood thirsty demoniacs! All Glory to God, and I hate (righteously indignitate??) what God hates! And yep…there, I said it!✝️📖🛐👍😡

    • I was just very happy to see this article on this website. I think it’s a big concern for the Christian community, and we should be addressing it. Not in churches, but as Christian citizens. However, we should definitely be praying for Israel in our churches, as we should for all oppressed. We should also be praying for the Muslim community for them to come to Faith. They are completely lost as well. What is also incredibly demonic is how the general public is virtually siding with terrorists. This is happening in the Christian community as well. There is nothing new under the sun, including this, but it makes one long for the return of the Christ. Let that be our fervent prayer.

      • Fully agree, JP…and I do and I pray! Thank you much for your wise observations and input! All Glory to our Most High God!✝️📖🛐👍😊

      • Agreed JP, especially on the part about praying for the Jew and the Muslim to come to Christ, which I regularly pray.

        • Yes, I am always smilingly grateful when I see and hear a Muslim come to Christ. Always. Yet overwhelmingly it’s obvious to so many of us (nearly all?!?) that the actions of Muslims are EXTREMELY and VIOLENTLY in opposition to us on planet earth! It is what it is.✝️📖


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