Video: The Second Mark of The True Church


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  1. I really appreciate this video. Discipline (lack) in the church is reflected by the lack of discipline in peoples daily lives. Far too much time is given to wayward people before definitive action is taken.
    A bit of personal reflection, our daughter was involved in the LGBTQ community in her late teens. During this period, she did confession of faith, contrary to our advice to consistory . At this point, we did not know that she was in this lifestyle, but we felt that she was not really ready. She was excommunicated some time later. When we discovered that she was involved in the LGBTQ, we spoke with her, but she refused to give up this lifestyle, so we set her out of the house. Having done that, we continued to visit with her, exhort her, give her the gospel. Many of these visits ended in anger on her part. But we continued. This has been a process of 15 years. She now is in a heterosexual relationship with one partner, has several children. Even though she is still an unbeliever, we see glimmers of hope. She has agreed to let her children be schooled in a Christian school, with our help. She allows her children to be sent to Bible school. she is very much attached to family, and this is one of the reasons, through God’s grace, that she continues to be a work in progress. We have hope.

    Discipline in love is indeed a mark of the true church.


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