Perkins Opposed Two-Stage Justification

. . . we must here observe the opposition between the law and the free promise of God in the justification of a sinner. “For if life come by the law, it comes not by the promise,” says Paul. And, “If they which are of the law are heirs, the promise is of none effect” (Rom. 4:14). By this we see the Church of Rome overturns and abrogates the free promise of God. For they of that church teach that the first justification is by mere mercy. And that the second is by the works of the law. But the law and the promise cannot be mixed together, more than fire and water. The law joined with the free promise disannuls the said promise.

William Perkins | The Works of William Perkins, ed. Paul M. Smalley, Joel R. Beeke, and Derek W. H. Thomas, vol. 2 (Grand Rapids, MI: Reformation Heritage Books, 2015), 193.


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