Hart, Borvan, Lee, And Jooste In Conference August 11–12, 2023: Christianity And Liberal Democracy


Reformed Church in the Southern Suburbs


  • Dr D. G. Hart, Conservative in Religion and in Liberal in Politics: The Case of J. Gresham Machen
  • Rev Dr Simon Jooste, Pilgrim Politics: Distinguishing Church Polity and Social Justice
  • Rev Dr Dan Borvan, Lessons for Exiles on Main Street: French Huguenots And A Christian Minority
  • Rev Dr Brian Lee, Dual Citizenship: Separating Powers in Washington, DC


Heidelberg Reformation Association
1637 E. Valley Parkway #391
Escondido CA 92027
The HRA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

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  1. Great to hear this is taking place in South Africa! Also another outside-the-USA conference is scheduled this fall for October 28 in Edinburgh Scotland. See Edinburgh Theological Seminary website &/or IG for details.

    Although the world seems plaqued by cultural tumultuous times, the Lord of Glory will enter in! SDG.

  2. Sabina, thanks for the heads up. Did you perhaps see Dan Borvan during his visit to Scotland recently?

    RSC, thanks for the exposure here. I will send along the digital poster when it is appropriately formatted on our website.

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