Why The Ongoing Riots? Dedicated, Organized Communists

Consider the blockade of a building. A tactically effective blockade leaves your target with only two options: 1) negotiate with you / meet your demands, or 2) react with force (violence against you or arrest). That’s a decision dilemma. Don’t let your target walk out the back door, and don’t put yourself in a situation where they can wait you out with impunity. You must force a clear decision dilemma. Without it, you let your target and/or the police determine the success of your action, rather than calling the shots yourself. Be sure to cover all the exits — literally or figuratively. Read more»

Andrew Boyd and Joshua Kahn Russell, “ Put your target in a decision dilemma” (HT: Armstrong & Getty).


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  1. Who will pay the price? Because there will be a time to make that decision.

    “As with bear safety, so with activism: forcing someone into a corner can sometimes provoke a violent response.”

    • Bill
      The ‘corner’ is a 1:1 opportunity to see and bring the response in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Power of God for the Salvation of all who believe, the only Truth that matters. My questions: Will I recognize this “cornered” opportunity before me, pray and trust God’s Providence rather than give into fear, and pray and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

      Though I love to shoot accurately, I do not because I realize, after talking with friends who are shootists, training to shoot accurately ultimately involves killing. My next questions: Am I able to kill another when I seemingly ‘cornered’ or to stand trusting God’s Providence in His Protective Will and Eternal Kingdom?

  2. Good morning Catherine.

    The idea of being cornered was a direct quote from the article Scott quoted. It was written by the activist/communist/terrorist to his own people. Basically warning them that some of them are going to be expendable in the pursuit of the “dream”, whatever that is, although the rioters in Kenosha last night were chanting about destroying America… I’m not sure that is a direct opportunity to share the Gospel. And while I appreciate your stance on personal firearm use, the context here is the dilemma of cornering the police, the government if you will. Scripture tells us the government does bear the sword and not solely for the purpose of making sure Christians wear their masks

    “For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.” Rom 13:4

    My comment is about who will pay the price, and when… and right now because many governments don’t seem to want to pay a higher price to get out of the dilemma, the citizens are paying the price. Lord help us all if (or when) there comes a time the citizenry takes back the sword and wields it itself. I do not want to see such a day, and spent time in prayer this morning on just such. Soapbox, ballot box, PRAYER CLOSET, before cartridge box. Please Father, grant us grace, and peace instead of that last one.

    Have an excellent day Catherine, and may He bless you and yours.

    • Bill H.

      Thank you for your response.

      I appreciate: “Soapbox, ballot box, PRAYER CLOSET, before cartridge box. Please Father, grant us grace, and peace instead of that last one.“

      I began reviewing my Scripture memory cards (instead of shinning bullets) for LD 1 HC 1. The first question is disarming and captures attention: ‘What is your only comfort in Life and Death?’

      And praying throughout the day for His Protection and Gracious Providence over His people ‘caught in the corner’.

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