George: The Court Has Legislated And The Consequences Are Inevitable

The legislation handed down by the Court will have far-reaching consequences, including the eventual destruction of all-women’s sports. As I tell my students, and constantly remind myself, “remember, when you sign on to a proposition you are signing on to all it logically presupposes and entails.” It’s very well to say, “thus and so matter is not before the Court and we haven’t had the benefit of adversarial briefing and argument,” but that does not cancel the mercilessness of logic. Reasonable people of goodwill can and do disagree about whether the logical and therefore foreseeable consequences of this piece of judicial legislation are good or bad, desirable or undesirable; but whether one favors or opposes legislation designed to produce those consequences, one should condemn the decision precisely because it is legislation. The Court has not applied the law as written; it has re-written the law.

Robert George, “Mirror of Justice” (June 15, 2020).

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  1. But, I have read opinions of the court. These are written as opinions, aren’t they. If a court writes a ‘bad’ opinion then what can we do as Christian Citizens. How does our Father stand with us in the face of ‘bad’ opinions.

    It seems the opinions of the current people sitting on the chairs of judgement are biased against Constitutional Law and the freedoms and liberties of citizens to self-govern. Are we not giving up our freedoms and liberties by letting them be undermined by over-reaching governors, hostile mayors, unelected administrative staff people, and domestic terrorists identified as the BLM.

    The blessing of this massive and overwhelming chaos around the globe is One Truth.
    The Gospel of Jesus Christ Matters; it is the POWER of God for the Salvation of ALL who BELIEVE. My identity is determine by whose I am; He calls me to Him. I am His and He is mine.

    Have you listened to Candace Owens interview of Mark Lamont ? A blm spokesperson.
    She makes distinctions we need to study. It’s long and worth it.

  2. Over a century ago, Finlay Peter Dunne observed that the Supreme Court follows the election returns. Perhaps, if the female athletes scream loudly enough, and start decrying coaches and institutional athletic programs as sexist, the Court will listen again. Maybe if some honorable member of Congress introduced articles of impeachment against the judges who presumed to define sex without regard to biology as incompetent, it would garner some attention, even if guaranteed to lose.

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