Office Hours: From The Pasture To The Pastorate

Office Hours 2016 full sizeOffice Hours kicks off its 11th season (247 episodes so far) with an interview with our newest faculty member, Dr Craig Troxel. Craig comes to Escondido from Bethel Presbyterian Church (OPC), Wheaton, IL. Prior to that he was pastor Glenside OPC, in Philadelphia, PA. Most importantly of all, Craig is a native Nebraskan.

Calling is a funny thing. One moment a fellow is happily serving an Orthodox Presbyterian congregation in Wheaton and the next thing he knows, he has been called to become a seminary professor in Escondido, California to help prepare future pastors. Craig knows all about this process since he has just been through it. He has joined the Westminster Seminary California faculty full-time. He comes with more than 24 years of pastoral experience. He has published numerous journal articles, including a very helpful explanation of what the Westminster Confession means by “general equity.” He’s the author of What is Man (2010) and has books forthcoming from Crossway and P&R Publishing about which we will talk in future episodes.

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