Too Close For Comfort

(HT: Presbycast)

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  1. Not the Church of Christ…but the Church of YIKES!

    A couple — former friends due to ungodly words written to me and my husband without a shred of remorse (forgiveness WAS hard work) – became adherents of the prosperity gospel: Their FB page boasted the gospel of the The Chiclet –Smile Catechism. I shouldn’t have been surprised, as the two often fell prey to indolence…and regularly wheedled money from those more well-off.

    I broke several years of silence to write a restrained, imploring email in which I reminded them of how often we’d talked about our TRUE treasure being in heaven and related truths. A few weeks ago I ran into (pseudonym) Marie at the grocery store and said hello. She’s a bit hard of hearing; she jerked her head up, saw me, made the most pained, angrily bitter grimace I’ve ever seen on a face in a long time…and didn’t return the greeting.

  2. To be funny, humor has to exaggerate, distort, or stretch the truth a bit. I’m not laughing.

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