Remembering The Canons Of Dort: Early Registration Ends December 1, 2018

The theme for the annual faculty conference is Remembering the Canons of Dort. The conference is scheduled for January 18–19, 2019 on the campus of Westminster Seminary California. Until December 1, 2018, the registration fee is $50.00 After the December 1, it goes up to $60.00. Bob Godfrey, Charles Telfer, Joel Kim, and myself are the scheduled speakers.  Here is information about the area. We have held the conference every January since 2004 and we have had only one or two rainy days. Typically, temperatures are in the 70s and 80s. This has become a destination conference for many and it does fill up. So, if you are thinking of attending you will want to register soon. Register here.

Topics & Speakers:

  • Bob Godfrey: Why Dort Happened or Why Arminius is Not the Hero for the Story
  • Mike Horton: A Real Atonement for Real Sinners
  • R. Scott Clark: Unconditional Election and the Free Offer of the Gospel
  • Charles Telfer: Dort and the Holy Exercises Of Piety
  • Joel Kim: The Relevance of Dort in Oprah’s America

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