With Adam Kane Debunking Myths About The Reformation And More

Adam writes: The Reformation is such a complex series of events, myths and errors are bound to crop up around its memory. In this laid back conversation with R Scott Clark…we get the details on some of what really went down all those centuries ago, and how the consequences have followed us to this day.

For more information on the new documentary Calvinist, click here.

Here is the episode and here is the archival version.


  1. Help! Broken or circular links. I thought for a while there I was in an endless loop, or a maze with no exit. I finally found my way via the “Adam writes” link.

    • Excellent! I’ll put this on my MP3 player, and maybe listen as Hurricane Nate blows through town. Stocked up today on D, C, AA, and AAA batteries.

      Where will Nate go? There’s great joy and comfort in being able to confess, “ God only knows,” and actually mean it.


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