Office Hours—Steve Baugh On The Majesty On High: The Kingdom Of God In The New Testament

Office Hours 2016 full sizeRight at its beginning the Gospel of Mark characterizes the gospel as a message of good news about the Kingdom of God (Mark 1:15). According to Scripture, Jesus’ gospel maybe summarized this way: “The time is fulfilled and the and the Kingdom of God is at hand.” In Matthew 3:2, the preaching of John the Baptist is summarized with these words:; “Repent for the Kingdom of God is near.” Luke 4:43 quotes Jesus as saying,”It is necessary for me to preach the Kingdom of God.” Indeed, all through the New Testament, the expressions Kingdom of God and Kingdom of Heaven occur 99 times and, according to Steve Baugh, that only scratches the surface. Below the surface there are all sorts of references and connections to the Kingdom. Steve is Professor of New Testament at Westminster Seminary California and he’s author of a new book, The Majesty on High: Introduction to the Kingdom of God in the New Testament.

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  1. It was His Royal Person which was being heralded, and not the theocratic state His disciples expected, for in this kingdom which was being announced, as the parables of the sower and of the tares show, the enemy was at work.

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