1. Just to be nitpicky, most people define the start date for millennials as 1982, not 1984. The reason is because those born in 1982 would graduate from high school at the turn of the millennium. And the media often just defines it as anyone born in the 80’s and 90’s (and, sometimes, early 00’s).

  2. When I look back on what I chose to wear back in high school (including flared trousers and platform shoes — not to mention hair length),
    I think: “How did my father ever let me go anywhere dressed like that?”

    In ministry, I deal with Millenials every day. For them it is all about how they feel, not what they ought to think or confess; little or no place for propsitional or revelational truth. Someone has said this way: “Their thoughts are their feelings.”

    • The Millennials are the product of the long war against terror, materialism, and the rise of the internet/social media. These things influence them the way the TV and rock-n-roll influenced the boomers. The boomers were quite emotive in ’67 and ’68 too. Go back and watch Archie and “Meathead” go at it in All In The Family. It’s not too far distant from some of the discussions we’re having now.

  3. I grew up watching The Monkees. Even as a child, they creeped me out… They never made sense to me: very eery and beyond weird..
    So glad the 60’s and their sulphuric spill over into the 70’s are over.
    Yet- the progressive flim-flam going on today is twice as bad, it seems. It’s the aimless Monkee mentality gone amuck…. The result of having no roots in anything outside ourselves.
    Wells’ trilogy (No Place for Truth, God in the Wasteland, Losing our Virtue), written in the 1990’s, is still highly relevant today and should be read by everyone.
    It’s either The Monkees all over again, as the prophets of Baal slash themselves on Mt. Carmel
    it’s God Transcendent.
    Which will we choose?
    Who will we proclaim? Baal? Or the triune God?
    I pray that Gods majesty and the cross of Christ will once again be heralded from America’s pulpit.

    P.S. No offense meant to any Monkees lovers out there!


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