The Definition Of Incoherence

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  1. Because they hate God and love their sin and have desire to abandon their self-imposed slavery to sin for a life of obedience to the one true and living God. “Their foolish hearts were darkened…”Romans 1:21f

  2. “If a law that forces someone to promote something that’s against their beliefs is so laughable, unimaginable, then why is it so difficult to extend that same freedom to a Christian creative professional?”

    Because Christianity is the most detested religion, partially because it’s the truth, and they’re suppressing said truth in unrighteousness. Consistency isn’t too important for (these) millennials.

  3. What I found interesting is that when asked about the Christian photographer they clearly knew what the rational answer was- the same answer given to the last three questions- but they also knew it was the politically wrong answer and so you can literally see them suppressing the rational answer in order to respond in the approved manner.

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