The Defeated Christian Life

We try weight loss programs for Christians when we should be focusing on the objective, once-and-for-all sacrifice for sins that God has given us to conquer the world, the flesh, and the devil. When we return to the good news of the gospel, as when we first believed, we begin to have confidence again that nobody—not the whole world, not our flesh, and not even the devil—can “bring any charge against God’s elect” (Rom. 8:33).

Nick Davis, How To Live The Defeated Christian Life.

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  1. And yet, the ‘truly reformed’ insist that there is life after the gospel, where one applies a healthy dose of fear and trembling at the foot of mount Sinai to Really get Motivated. I am so glad the Gospel is for Christians too.

  2. The strength of sin is the law, from which the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has set me free, so that the righteousness which is of the law may be fulfilled in me.

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