Note To HB Supporters Regarding Paypal Changes

The HB is brought to you daily by donors who pay for equipment, space on servers and the pipe, as it were, by which you and 1,000 other people are able to download articles, listen to the Heidelcast (or other audio), and watch videos at the same time. For the last several years the HB has used PayPal to receive donations and until November supporters were able to set up a recurring donation to make to the coffer clink. Apparently, however, according to “Kyle” at PayPal, the US government issued new regulations in November that caused PayPal to remove this feature for donationsfrom within the USA. International donors can still use the recurring donation function. Kyle says that PayPal is working on restoring this function but they must figure out the coding and get it approved by the lawyers.

The good news is for those of you who set up an automatic recurring payment before November, 2016, nothing changes. Thank you for your support! For those who want to support the HB regularly (and who doesn’t want to make the coffer clink monthly?) you can still use the donate button below. When the recurring donation function returns, I’ll let you know.

Thanks for your support.

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