Taking The Reformation Back To Poland

Tolle Lege Institute is helping to bring the Reformation back to Poland, where the Reformed churches once flourished.

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  1. Thank You very much Professor for posting this video, to be frank although I live quite near Warsaw I did not know anything about this initiative. In my humble opinion Poland is currently in a dire need of a confessional reformed presence (as it has always been since the collapse of the reformation on the onset of the seventeenth century). From the outside the Roman Church holds sway of the overwhelming majority of the population but it is only illusory. People travel from one parish to another to seek a minister who will tell them a weak, distorted through the romish system, version of the Gospel. The historic protestant churches both lutheran and reformed are slowly but steadily succumbing to liberalism. This land of Zebulun is virtually devoid of sound theological works. There are some translations of Luther but despite the lenghty existence of the Evangelical Reformed Church no translation of Calvin (except two chapters of the Institutes) is available for the polish reader. Not to mention the profound riches of the dutch or anglo-saxon theologians. After coming to the knowledge of the reformed faith I was quite hopeless to see that the only alternative for me, a medical student without plans to leave for the west, was the lutheran church (I live in Lublin a town that once boasted of one the most prominent reformed congregation in the country) and considering that it is now beset by liberals strenuously pushing for the ordination of women (not to mention their positive attitude towards abortion) the only light at the end of the tunnel polish christianity was in were the headlights of an approaching train. Now I am going to return to the painful labor of studying biochemistry with a much lighter heart. My sincerest apologies for any injustice done to the english language by my comment.

    • Piotr,

      Thank you for this. Your English is very good indeed!

      This is a great encouragement to pray (and work) for the return of the Reformation to Poland.

      blessings on your studies.

    • Frankly, there are some of us who would like to know a lot more about what Jan Laski has to say.

    • Cześć Piotr!

      Happy to see another Polish reader of the Heidelblog!

      Hope you’ll have a chance to visit the Institute next time you visit Warsaw.


  2. As a grandson of a Polish immigrant to America I have prayed for the light of the Reformation to burn brightly in the land of my family’s birthplace. I am encouraged by your efforts there and hopeful a new Reformation will grip the hearts and minds of those whom our Father calls to the true faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Wesołych Świąt. I would love to keep in contact with you and other brothers in Poland. If Dr Clark could assist I would be grateful

    • Hi Thomas,
      Thanks for this encouragement. My husband Dariusz founded Tolle Lege Institute in the US in 2007, and since February the organization operates here in Warsaw. You can find his contact info via the Institute’s site, TolleLegeInstitute.org, where you can also view our past and current translation projects. As you know, there is a pressing need for theologically sound literature in the Polish language!
      Z Bogiem,
      Brooke Bryćko

  3. Wesołych Świąt! Happy Christmas! I am going to visit the Institute next thursday, God willing. Thank You for all the encouragement from Your comments. I will gladly answer any questions – obszansky@gmail.com.

    • Dear Piotr,

      Your message was very encouraging to us! Dariusz mentioned that he just emailed you and is looking forward to your visit on Thursday.

      Z Bogiem,
      Brooke Bryćko

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