Face To Face Is Still Best

Perhaps as a result of the value they place on good sermons, church leadership and the style of worship services, many people – even in this age of technology – find there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction when seeking information about a new religious home. Fully 85% of those who have looked for a new house of worship say they attended worship services at a church they were considering, and seven-in-ten say they spoke with members of the congregation or to friends or colleagues about their decision. Looking for information online may be growing more common, especially among young people and those who have looked for a congregation recently. But online information still appears to be far less important to potential congregants than experiencing the atmosphere of the congregation firsthand.

Choosing A New Church Or House Of Worship (HT: Tommy Myrick)

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  1. Not surprising the importance of the face to face, but I was also glad that sermon quality ranked high as well. It helps to know what to be looking for; I remember once we were. I remember once we were visiting a possible new church having just moved and our daughter commented that the preacher “had forgotten to mention Jesus!” And that was a supposed Reformed church!

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