The Power And Influence Of The Evangelical Top Men

The economy of evangelical power is complicated but I want to highlight just two aspects today, aspects which have been critical in the recent discussion and which have a profound doctrinal significance. First, there is the fact that the same narrow gene pool exerts powerful influence across the spectrum of conservative evangelical organizations. The same men operate in positions of influence in numerous headline organizations. That represents obvious potential for conflict of interest and also offers the ability to control the news, direct debates, and decide who is allowed to speak and who gets to live—or die—in the Twitter feeds. When one asks ‘How did these men get to such positions of far-reaching influence? Who appointed them to speak for me? How do we get rid of them if they go astray?’ the answers are not obvious. And that should give pause for thought.

Carl Trueman

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  1. There is a web app out there that shows how interconnected the boards of various corporations are. It would be interesting to see that applied to the evengelical world.

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