Why Less Legislation Now Means More Freedom In Future

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance

Title IX (1972)

Of course, when Title IX was passed in 1972, “sex” referred then to what it still refers to now: the basic biological reality of being male or female. Nevertheless, having made their discovery to the contrary (over 40 years after the law was passed), the administration went around the country threatening schools with revocation of millions in educational funds if they did not allow kids unfettered access to the locker room of their choice.

Roger Severino

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  1. Lew Rockwell, Mises Institute
    According to polls, 61% of American men went along with the mandatory registering of women for the draft. That’s insane. In some sense we can see the regime wanting to make men into women and women into men, and that goes along with eliminating pronouns of he and she, getting rid of mothers and fathers, having boys and girls sections in toy stores, and boys and girls sections in clothing departments—-everything has to be the same. Yet, Facebook has 65 genders you can choose from.

    This goes right along with the crazed statism. They are revelling in their power. And, of course, these are people who love to do this to human beings. They love to bomb. They love to kill. They love to crush. They love to dominate. They love to lie to us, to take our children away, to destroy our communities. Robert Nesbit, the great American sociologist, pointed out the state seeks to destroy every remediating institution—everything that stands between the naked individual and state power. They want to get rid of the state vs. the fed. They want to get rid of communities, businesses, churches. Ultimately, they want to get rid of the family and parents. Of course, this is Plato’s ancient dream. It’s nothing new. The notion that the state can make everyone equal.

    Now since everyone is not equal, Mises argued our radical inequality is a good thing. If we were equal there couldn’t be a market, social cooperation, or even civilization. So, inequality is not only a natural thing, but a fundamental thing. But ever since the French Revolution these people have argued the state should make us equal. Since that is impossible, it gives all power to the state. The globalist elites are self-consciously pro-evil. Christianity will be the minority religion in Europe and the United States by mass immigration. The more you can destabilize society and social institutions, the easier it is for the government, and the people controlling the government, to live high off the hog and enjoy the destruction. We must never forget these people enjoy war. They get a charge out of it. They glory in it. These are the people who rise to the top of government and the military.

    The state hates God. It can’t stand there is something people have loyalty to above the state. There’s supposed to be nothing above the state. You are supposed to bow down to the state. I always think in their secret ceremonies they look back on the Egyptian Pharaohs when the state was literally god. The people worshipped Pharaoh, and in some sense they want that again. These people are psychotic.

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