The DOJ Wants To Deny The Heteronormative Cake And Eat It Too

In an age in which sexist stereotypes are forbidden, what does Gupta think that it means to “live, work and study as men”? Obviously, the Obama administration would never embrace the heteronormative prejudice that part of living as a man might include wanting to date women. So let’s take some simpler examples: If a women who thinks she’s a man is attending a women’s college, is she living and studying as a man? If a girl who thinks she’s a boy is playing on a girls’ sports team, is she living as a boy? One would certainly think not. But why then hasn’t the Obama administration, as part of its aggressive enforcement agenda, threatened supposedly single-sex colleges like Mount Holyoke that admit women who identify as men (and that don’t expel women who, after enrollment, first come to identify as men)? Why hasn’t it told high schools that girls who identify as boys can’t play on the girls’ sports teams?

Ed Whelan

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  1. Today I declared that I completely understand what’s going on. What a relief. I feel much better now.

  2. Whelan’s probing questions assume that the ideologues of the sexual revolution are interested in logical consistency.

    On the contrary, the Obama Administration, the DOJ, and other totalitarians seeking to shove their gender identity ideology down America’s throats are fueled by pure emotion and propaganda, not by rationality or logical consistency.

    Their positions are completely arbitrary, made up as they go along, and when confronted by their logical inconsistency they just don’t give a d*mn. After all, they’re on the “right side of history” and are on the pinnacle of societal evolution, so they expect the rest of us to get in line with their agenda, or else. If they make 99.5% of the population feel uncomfortable in order to accommodate the “gender identity” of the 0.5% with special rights (in this case, the trans population), then so be it.

    Welcome to our brave new world.

  3. Aren’t cakes a bit of a sore point at the moment, on BOTH sides of the pond?

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