Why Studying Western Civ Matters

…learning about Western culture isn’t simply about undertaking a cohesive study of the history, philosophy, literature, and arts that have enormously influenced the world in which we all live. It is also about learning how to express ideas effectively, how to separate fact from propaganda through specific tools of learning developed in the West. Taking those tools away—such as the Socratic method, civil discourse, and rules of order and civil debate—hinders clarity, independent thought, and the powers of observation. It makes students far less able to resist conformity and groupthink.

—Stella Morabito, Stanford Students Fight Groupthink

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  1. What we call Western Civilization is the product of the preaching the gospel. If the preaching of the gospel is obscured ( as it has been) in the churches that have been most faithful to it ( Norman Shepherd, etc.), and that continues, the future of this country is bleak. The future of the West is bleak. The most effective measure to take in our current situation is not to send more troops to the middle east, or wherever, but to preach the gospel.

    Civilization arose in the west as a result of this, and civilization is declining as the preaching is declining. If this train continues civilization will move back into a new dark age, or worse. There’s no way to put a sugar-coating on it. Society, as well as individuals, is dependent on the preaching of the gospel. Christians are the salt and the light. If the gospel disappears, and there are just professing Christians, God will not withhold His hand. The only reason God did not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah was the presence of Lot and his family. As soon as they were removed, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. It is ONLY the presence of Christians that preserves a society from God’s wrath.

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