Dort On Law And Gospel

5. In the same light are we to consider the law of the Decalogue, delivered by God to His peculiar people, the Jews, by the hands of Moses. For though it reveals the greatness of sin,1 and more and more convinces man thereof, yet, as it neither points out a remedy nor imparts strength to extricate him from his misery,2 but, being weak through the flesh,3 leaves the transgressor under the curse,4 and man cannot by this law obtain saving grace.

6.What, therefore, neither the light of nature nor the law could do, that God performs by the operation of the Holy Spirit1 through the word or ministry of reconciliation;2 which is the gospel concerning the Messiah, by means whereof it has pleased God to save such as believe,3 as well under the Old as under the New Testament.

—Canons of the Synod of Dort (1619), 3/4.5–6.

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