Office Hours: Side By Side With Ed Welch

Office HoursWe live in a fallen world. It is broken and dysfunctional. More importantly for us, we are fallen. We are not what we were made to be and we’re not what we shall be. I do not know where you are right now but if you were raised in the United States, if you were probably imbued with a sense of self-reliance. That is a great virtue in civic life and in business, but it may not be a virtue in the Christian life. We need help in the Christian life and Christians can help but how? Ed Welch has been a Christian counselor for 30 years, he’s a faculty member at CCEF in Philadelphia and an adjunct professor of pastoral counseling at Westminster Seminary California. Recently we sat down to talk about his new book: Side by Side: Needy and Needed. He’s the author of several other books, When People Are Big and God is Small; Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave; and several others and he joined us to help us learn how to help others.

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