The First Amendment Defense Act

The First Amendment Defense Act follows our nation’s long tradition of protecting the natural right to the free exercise of religion and freedom of association as enshrined in our Constitution. It ensures that the federal government respects the rights of individuals, businesses and organizations that wish to act in accordance with their beliefs about marriage.

—Ryan T. Anderson, “This Bill Would Stop Obama Administration From Punishing People Who Stand Up for Marriage

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  1. It seems to me, that if you need a special act that says regarding particular fundamental protections enshrined in the Constitution of the people: “Hey, Judges and Enforcers, we really would like to keep this one, ‘kay?” it’s pretty much toast. If this was a nation of laws rather than men, there would be no need for a better law than the guarantee. Think about it.

    “Welcome to the USSA. You may deposit your ‘civil rights’ [insert Beavis laughter here, ehe ehe ehe] in the circular container right there at the door.”

    High time for Xians to “disinvest” themselves in their worldly citizenship, so it doesn’t hurt so much when it gets yanked. Time to embrace the “Pilgrim” moniker once more. If we choose not to fight (literally) for such transient privileges, maybe we won’t end up in a concentration camp with other “social conservatives” who have no gospel to live for.

    Just my $0.02.

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