Muslim Immigrants To America: Sharia Is Better Than freedom

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  • R. Scott Clark
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  1. WOW!!!
    How can one comment on that
    They would rather live in Samalia than here.
    Im sure the protest that was here in Phoenix was not helpful.

    But that was a few who commented – on the overall
    what would one say – take a national poll and ask
    Samalia or ? or here. Sharia Law or Laws here.
    Which day by day are in favor of the wrong than the right.

    You steal here-chop chop. Will it stop thieves?

    Reading so many of Scotts articles are showing where life is getting
    frustrating – How does Sovereignty and providence work in all this?
    What does one have to read to understand how (all this) LGBT etc,
    still bring Glory to GOD ? or does it. Confused indeed.

    Mike in AZ

  2. I don’t get it. If Sharia is better than freedom than why live here where there is freedom rather than being somewhere else under Sharia?

    • Yes, that was my impression as well. What keeps them from departing these benighted shores and entering a sharia paradise? I suppose the boy lacks independence and means, but the others? I suspect that economic and standard of living concerns trump their stated ideals. On some level, they may also think of themselves as being part of the vanguard of the inevitable Islamization of America. Islamic manifest destiny, and all that.

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