A Gracious Explanation Of Christian Conviction In The Ashers Bakery Case

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  1. Isn’t the message printed or written on to a product essentially a part of that product? Therefore, isn’t a product carrying a new message essentially a new product? Is it now the law that when a potential customer demands that a business make a new product according to their specification, the business is discriminating against the customer if it refuses to take on the commission and perform it as demanded? So I can now go into a Chinese Restaurant, demand a Turkish recipe döner kebab and successfully sue them for discrimination if they fail to serve me with the dish I demanded, made according to the published recipe? Is it now the law that if I go into a halal restaurant and demand pork and they refuse, I can successfully sue them for religious discrimination?

  2. This seems to be a worldwide phenomenon. Could it be that someone has been loosed for a little season that he should deceive the nations….? (Rev 20:3)

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