Justification: One Of The Two Chief Articles Of Our Faith

The doctrine of justification, which now follows, is one of the chief articles of our faith, not only because it treats of those things which are fundamental, but also because it is most frequently called in question by heretics. The controversies between the church and heretics have respect principally to two points: the one is concerning God, and the other concerning the justification of man in the sight of God. And such is the importance of these doctrines that if either one of them be overthrown, the other parts of our faith easily fall to pieces. Hence it becomes necessary for us, to fortify and establish ourselves, especially in these doctrines, against all the assaults of heretics.

—Zacharias Ursinus, Body of Orthodox Doctrine or the Explication of the Catechism, on Heidelberg Catechism 60.

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  1. I hope it is appropriate to post this here, if not I apologize and Dr. Clark can remove it. Given the problems with Justification, mentioned in my posts previously, I was curious as to how D. A. Carson handled the issue of imputation, one aspect of justification which is nevertheless what differentiates us from the Roman Catholics and others. Here is a link of D. A. Carson’s views on the imputation of Christ’s Righteousness:


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