Cincinnati Conference: Reformed In America Feb 5–6 2015

WRC103-ReformedInAmerica_Logo_FINALTwo NAPARC congregations in Cincinnati are hosting a conference on the history of the Reformed and Presbyterian traditions in America. Good Shepherd OPC and Westside Reformed Church (URCNA) have invited Rev. Dr. Alan Strange and Dr. Darryl G. Hart to address this topic. The conference will be held on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 6-7, in Good Shepherd’s building (11688 Mill Road, Cincinnati). It is free to attend and $10 for a catered lunch on Saturday. Sign up here.

Here is the timetable for the conference

Friday, Feb. 6 – Registration at 6:00; Starts at 6:30

6:30 – The Tumultuous Beginnings of American Presbyterianism (Strange)
7:45 – The Challenge of Americanism (Hart)
8:45 – Refreshments

Saturday, Feb. 7 – Starts at 9:00; a catered lunch may be purchased for $10

9:00 – Politics and the Pulpit (Strange)
10:15 – Refreshments
10:45 – Kuyper and Machen: Models of Reformed Witness (Hart)
11:45 – Lunch
1:00 – Unity without Union: Beyond Acronymns (Strange)
2:15 – Anti-Modernism (Hart)
3:30 – Q&A with Dr. Strange & Dr. Hart

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  1. I’ll throw in my wish along with frankml and doc watson, looking forward to the (hopeful) audio. Wish I lived in Cinci. Please come to Seattle; it’s closer than Sheffield.

  2. Brothers, as one of the co-hosting churches and organizer of the event, I assure you the audio will be available.

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