Wild Animals!

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  1. A “Liger” is the name of an animal that was drawn by the lead character in Napoleon Dynamite — it’s a cross between a lion and a tiger — and Napoleon Dynamite is in my top 5 “must not see” movies of all time. Unfortunately, Mrs Chunk loves it.

  2. When I first heard of ligers and tigons on the “Today” Programme BBC Radio 4, they said that you can mate a male liger with a female tigon and the offspring is a lion, similarly if you mate a male tigon with a female liger, you get back a tiger. This was a joke (I didn’t check the date, was it April 1), and for a long time I assumed the whole thing was an April Fool. However, I now understand that not only are there ligers and tigons, but zonkeys and donkras (Unfortunately they are NOT called debras) as well.

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