Cheetah Run

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  1. I am told that the cheetah is the fastest creature on earth (The basis of the joke about Linford Christie when he was rumbled: “What do the fastest man on earth and the fastest animal on earth have in common?”, etc. But I wasn’t able to work out the speed from this clip, because I couldn’t work out the distances involved. Any info on this?

  2. Yep, I witnessed this event, first hand and did not distract myself w/ filming it (like most every one else did.) We just wanted to soak in the experience, in reality. Standing at mid-point of the run.

    It was breathtaking to see! Here is where the word “awesome” means something.

    Before the run, they bring out the “kittie” with her friend, a big, friendly yellow Labrador – they’ve been pals for life. Apparently, the dog helps to calm the cat. Who knew?!

    If you ever get a chance, observe this event, standing mid-point of the run; do not film it or use binoculars, etc. BE in the moment un-mediated. (However, Dr. Clark, we are so grateful you sacrificed, to bring us this marvelous moment! 🙂

    A fantastic memory for me! Thank you.

    • That was the second run. I watched the first sans camera. It was amazing. Glad I wasn’t a bunny. The guide on the tram said something interesting. Turns out that Cheetahs mostly run alongside their prey and trip them and if they get resistance they run away. Like English sports cars they can’t run at top speed very long or they run a temperature.

      • According to Wikipedia they can do 500m at top speed, 112 to 120 km/h. This was only 65 – Bad show! As the school report says, could do better.

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