Political Correctness Serves Only The Centralization Of Power

If you think it through, I think you’ll also come to realize that civil discourse is the biggest impediment to centralized power. How so? When people fear expressing their innermost thoughts to others, friendships cannot develop. Personal associations are nipped in the bud. And when friendships in society are minimized, people become less trustful of others. They become more isolated and atomized, more dependent upon the “mass State” Jung refers to. Political correctness only serves the consolidation of central power. Nothing and nobody else.

—Stella Morabito, “Carl Jung On How Psychic Isolation Serves Central Power

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  1. Political Correctness also serves to limit the range of acceptable opinions in the public square. If you are deemed to be a bigot, intolerant, etc., your opinion has no place in public discourse. It does not merit consideration or an intelligent response.

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