The Big Factory

The Left’s model of society is still the model of Marx and Bismarck: one big factory to be managed by experts. The government schools are an assembly line for human widgets, who are in theory there to be taught what the state requires them to know in order to fulfill their roles as workers, administrators, and other bits of human machinery. That is the assumption behind President Obama’s insistence that “if you quit on school, you’re not just quitting on yourself — you’re quitting on your country.” Students are also there to be instructed in the official, unspoken state ideology: submission to official power.

—Kevin D. Williamson, “They Are Coming For Your Children

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  1. I’m personally quite bothered by the increased focus on getting kids into school earlier, i.e., this huge push for preschool as some kind of panacea to social ills.

    Yet we know that most kids aren’t ready for school until age 7, especially boys.

    Why has virtually nobody pointed this out?

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