My Hometown In 3:34

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  1. Grew up in Lincoln. Lived near south 11th and Harrison avenue. Left in 1983 with a short stint in 1993/95. I still visit there now and then but was not aware of the improvements downtown. Do you know where the concrete stream is at/called that is in the video? I also saw a time lapse recently of the construction west of Memorial Stadium, north of West O viaduct. Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    • I think it runs north/south at about 21st or 22nd St. It ends at about O St. It’s quite recent and I’ve not had a chance to explore.

      I lived in the near South neighborhood for a while. Know it well. Lots of expansion to the Southwest. Lincoln has burst beyond highway 2 Huge shopping mall south of Highway 2. Big development at 84th and Highway 2. There are two new high schools.

  2. I have been a Lincoln resident for more than 30 years and a resident of Lancaster County pretty much all my life. Lincoln is a great community (climate extremes excepted) and I am pleased to be raising my family in Lincoln. I am a public finance attorney and have had the privilege of working on several of the projects/buildings that can be seen in the video. The video provides a great view of downtown Lincoln and environs, but there is much more to be seen. My family and I have been blessed far more than we deserve (any blessing is more than we deserve) to be in this community and are grateful for God’s goodness.

  3. “. . . the lack of traffic on the streets”? You’ve got to be kidding. From a Mississippi perspective, this is a nightmare of urban congestion. And those skyscrapers! Do the people on the top floors wear oxygen masks?

  4. Thanks for sharing Scott – I’ve been to Lincoln only once, but it was a visit I will never forget. There is something really unique, beautiful, and awe inspiring about the land, the people, the culture, and the architecture. I have studied your native state for years, including the city of Lincoln itself, and most notably, the Nebraska State Capitol, designed by one of America’s greatest architects, Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue – who was the architect for San Diego’s Balboa Park and it’s buildings, either in part or whole, but nonetheless a significant contributor.

    Without doubt, the Nebraska State Capitol is the most unique architectural expression by comparison with the rest of the other meritorious 49, because it belongs to a special genre as a possible ‘first’ of it’s kind as a tower form rather than a Roman-dome, and is extremely site-specific in it’s embodiment of representing Nebraska in all of it’s unique historical and cultural aspects. As an essay in architectural eclecticism and polychromatic expression it has it’s very own ‘dramatis personae’, being so well-conceived in juxtaposition with the Midwestern geography, and very fittingly titled as the ‘Tower of the Plains’.

    The city has changed a lot since I was there, but I do remember the constant wind, the nice people, the clean environment, the natural beauty, and the food – Runza’s and buffalo burgers, especially, and no tax on food, either! We could all learn from Nebraska – The Good Life! I ate my last Runza in Nebraska City on my way home – couldn’t pass it up!

  5. I thought In 3:34 was a reference to some verse or other, but couldn’t work out which book of the Bible, Apocrypha, Pseudographica, Church Fathers, etc., abbreviated to “In”. In spite of various people speculating that before His ministry the Lord Jesus went to India and brought His doctrine back from there, no one seems to have counterfeited an Indian Gospel. I suppose there’s still time for someone to do so and for Professor Karen King to authenticate it.

  6. Like so many of these blog postings, I could recognize general themes and perhaps a few details, but I’m woefully ignorant.

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