Being “Nicea” And Leaving Church

CovenantURC-Missoula-LogoTwo recent podcast episodes that I found helpful on two topics about which I’ve been giving some thought: millennials and niceness. The first is Theology You Should Know with my friends Jared Beaird and Dan Borvan. Both have written for the HB. Jared is pastor of Covenant Reformed Church (URCNA) in Missoula, MT. Dan is a DPhil candidate in Oxford but through the marvels of modern technology they’re on the same podcast. In this episode they’re talking about why Millennials are leaving church in such great numbers, To whet your appetite, Dan says that, having been nurtured in children’s church and youth groups, many times what Millennials are leaving isn’t the church. Check it out.

mortification-of-spin-1Niceness is a theme of longstanding interest at the HB. In this episode of MoS Carl, Aimee, and Todd are joined by Dan Phillips to discuss the evangelical culture of “niceness.” Be warned, however, Aimee has nunchucks and she’s not afraid to use then.

Good Sabbath day listening between the first and second service.

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