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left-quotation-marksI learn something new every day from the Heidelblog and it makes me a better teacher — Tara (@tcarrrr) May 20, 2014Right-quotation-mark

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  • R. Scott Clark
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    R.Scott Clark is the President of the Heidelberg Reformation Association, the author and editor of, and contributor to several books and the author of many articles. He has taught church history and historical theology since 1997 at Westminster Seminary California. He has also taught at Wheaton College, Reformed Theological Seminary, and Concordia University. He has hosted the Heidelblog since 2007.

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  1. I just learned something new with this post. I didn’t realize we had the print and email options immediately below a post. It’s so hard to see with that big and colorful donate link and credit card logos. Or maybe it’s my little screen?

  2. A day without the Heidelblog is like a day without . . .

    Cliché alert!

    Anyhoo, I visit here every day – often edified, sometimes challenged, occasionally frustrated. Kinda like life, right?

  3. Guilty as charged. Everything’s too “clean.” It’s like a movie set. Oh, wait, it’s California – it IS a movie set.

  4. I’m an opera nut, not a blues fan. In my mind and heart, soprano Leontyne Price is the pinnacle of Mississippi musical talent. Every other artist, whatever the style (from Elvis on down) is in her shadow. That glorious, unamplified voice, soaring over a full orchestra, was one of the wonders of the world.

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