Puritans Opposed Richard Baxter

“Just searched “federal vision” at meet the Puritans.com and there are no returns. Puritans have everything to say re Tullian and nothing to say re FV”

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  1. The Puritans were right to discipline Richard Baxter. He was excommunicated from the Church of Scotland, and should have been. His view of the imputed righteousness of Christ was plainly papist. He came to it through the Arminians and the Amyradians.

  2. But Baxter did set an excellent example of the involved Pastor who knows his congregation, and these days members can slip out of regular attendance with nary a peep from leadership…

      • I might point out that the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland (my home church) has all its theological students study “The Reformed Pastor” by Baxter. It is truly an excellent work.

        But Dr Clark’s point on Kidderminster’s going Unitarian is *very* well taken. (The Free Presbyterian Church opposes all forms of Neonomianism.) In fact, the Moderatist faction in the Church of Scotland in the 1700s, the faction that opposed the Evangelical Calvinists, strongly leaned toward Unitarianism and works-righteousness: and most all of the Moderatists leaned toward Baxterianism. In fact, most of the heirs of the Free Church would place the blame for Moderatism square upon the Neonomians, the heirs of Baxter.

        And now…the Neonomians back!!!

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