Postmillennial Constantinianism Drives The Federal Vision

it basically boiled down to this: 1) Have weekly communion; and 2) meet with the local RC priest and treat him as a brother.

And then go from there. He has always tended towards mechanism in my mind, because his priority is not the eternal salvation of souls, but Christendom. I know he would say they are the same thing; but we have to keep in mind that Postmillenial Constantinism is largely what drives the Federal Vision, and once you see that, a lot of their program becomes clearer.

Chris Hutchinson.

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  1. That quote was almost my exact summation also, but with a different view of which is the cart and which is the horse. I see him as primarily promoting sacramentalism, his sacramental views lead him Christendom. Trueman’s statement about Word based ministry was an apt point, it’s too bad that there wasn’t time for more direct discussion.

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