Latest On San Diego Fires (May 16, 2014)

20140516-072640.jpgAuthorities have determined that the Bernardo fire was the result of construction. One of the fires at Camp Pendleton was the result of a burning semi-trailer.

The Las Pulgas fire (Camp Pendleton) has grown to 8,000 acres.

The causes of the other fires are still under investigation.

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  1. On Friday evening I was making pizza in my grill (in Poway), and the grill basically caught fire, all the piled up grease, plus some fresh cornmeal. There was tons of black smoke, and within a few minutes a passing fire chief (in civvies) was poking his head over my back fence to check if everything was OK. He was able to radio in that my smoke was not an emergency, but not before a handful of police cars also showed up. It was embarassing, but I was glad to see the vigilance and quick response.

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