He Goes Toward The Flames (UPDATED)

San Diego Fire Capt. Capt. Danny MirandaIn 2007, in an earlier version of the Heidelblog, I posted this photo of (now) San Diego Fire Capt. Danny Miranda. He’s served as a deacon in the Oceanside URC and today he’s one of many firefighters from across Southern California who are fighting wildfires in San Diego County today.

Right now channel 10 (KGTV) anchors media are reporting that several of fires were deliberately set by an arsonist. The largest fire right now is in San Marcos, about 9 miles from Westminster Seminary California. The other fires (in Carlsbad, Oceanside, Rancho Bernardo, and Camp Pendleton) are coming under control. Last report was that the firefighters had the San Marcos (sometimes called the “Cocos Fire”) fire is about 5% controlled. A small number of houses have burned in San Marcos. A remarkable number of aircraft (fixed wing and helicopters, both civilian and military—Marines—oorah!) are fighting the fire.

A big thanks to the men and women who serve God (Rom 13) and their neighbors by putting themselves in harm’s way.


Just moments after I posted this I received reports that an unknown number of firefighters have been injured fighting the San Marcos/Cocos fire. No details yet.

UPDATE 1:03PM Pacific

KGTV is reporting 1 firefighter was injured, It’s unclear what happened.

UPDATE 6:35 PM Pacific

Authorities report that a body has been discovered in one of the local fires.

Here’s a more recent photo of Capt. Miranda from Christmas 2013. Here’s the accompanying story.

Danny Miranda Christmas

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  1. Scanner traffic said that 6-8 firefighters had burn injuries to their feet.

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