Thanks, A Request, And Some User Tips

Heidelberg at NightToday the HB 2.0 just crossed a million downloads. Over a 1000 people a day visit the HB to find resources toward exploring and recovering the Reformed confession. Thank you for using the HB and a special thanks to those of you who help make it possible. The growing number of people visiting the HB means an increasing amount of correspondence. I’m happy to help as I can but there’s just one of me and a growing number of emails that ask me to do research or to read something and give an opinion. Many times I reply by pointing correspondents back to the HB. Before you write try doing a Google site search of the HB. Here’s the syntax: search term.

That search tool will turn up just about anything you want to know about the HB. You can do the same at

hbresourcesAnother way to find help at the HB is to use the resources in the right hand column. The archives allow you to look for material by year, by month, or alphabetically  by topic. Just about every post is categorized in one way or another. When you click on a category it brings up all the posts under that category. So, e.g., you can find all the posts on the Heidelberg Catechism under that topic. As you can see there are audio-vido resources (e.g., the Heidelcast, lectures, interviews), links to other blogs and websites and more (e.g., books).

If after you’ve searched the HB, looked through my publications, podcasts etc you can’t find what you need, I’m happy to help. I will get to your email but it may take some time. Time is a zero sum game. If I’m answering your email I can’t be researching, writing a blog post, or producing a Heidelcast—and then there’s my day job.

Thanks again for making the HB a part of your day. I appreciate all the encouragement. I do read the emails and every comment (8,642 in HB 2.0 so far) comes through my inbox, even if I don’t reply to each.

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  1. Don’t forget the Heidelscribe, which is immediately to the right of where I’m typing this comment (on my screen). Drop your email address in that box, and you will get every new post in your email (and no worrying about spam; (a) RSC is cool and wouldn’t share your email address, and (b) every notification comes with an unsubscribe link). And note also the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” checkbox under the comment box. That’s good for when you leave that best comment ever, and even though you keep the tab open and refresh for a day or two to soak in everybody’s praise, you want to know when somebody stumbles on the post a year from now and worships your literary prowess some more.

    Also there’s a native wordpress search box right above Heidelscribe. (Scott, I personally would find it useful for the search box to be the top widget of the sidebar. I wonder also whether it’s possible to make a customized text/html widget that would delegate searching to google like you describe above. If it can be done, I’ll get back to you…)

    Oh yeah, and thanks!

  2. Scott,
    A heartfelt thank you from Barb and Jack. Through its teaching and discussions, HB and your other resources are aiding the church by pointing the Lord’s people in a reformed direction.

  3. Scott,
    We do thank God for the help you provide in so many areas. May He continue to bless your work!

    And finally a word of encouragement to those who have benefited: why not drop a “coin in the coffer” (above-right) to help support his bandwidth costs?

  4. I want to add my voice to thanking God for the Heidelblog. These posts have played a major role in my continuing education over the past year. Thank you, Scott; I really say that from my heart.

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