They Weren’t Boneheaded Mistakes

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  1. Culture tends to trickle down from its leaders. Elect a Chicago politician and why should we expect anything aside from Chicago politics?

    • Exactly. My father is from Illinois, Southern Illinios to be exact and the whole mentality down there and any place of outside Chicago is what you say. He says it has been as long as anyone can remember and do doubt from Prohibition times. Ever watch the Good Wife? It is pretty interesting, though I think they probably tone down the corruption in Chicago a bit. I think Kelsey Grammar’s show touches on that as well.

  2. As I mentioned on another thread, no matter how many facts come to light proving oppressive gubmint overreach, most of the country gives a collective shrug: “Move along, folks. Nothing to see here. Everything’s OK.”

    • As on the other thread, same here as well….an almost empty room. Like Frank said, “move along, folks!”

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