Deference To The Modern Priesthood?

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  1. Another case in point is heard here on NPR’s Fresh Air which air in the last week.

    Here on this program Neil DeGrasse Tyson (who fancies himself the peoples new Carl Sagan) when asked why he got into the study of science he states……”the universe called me”. Sounds like a cult like faith to me. His entire tenor and tone on this program is arrogant and very much one of ….’we are the new priesthood and Popes do not question our authority’. The hubris really is staggering. What is indeed worse is how few people speak up about it.

    “The universe is all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever will be.” –Carl Sagan

    When illogical statements like this become the pop- science calling card and creed is it any wonder that there is a religious like zeal for their idol? The here and now in this universe is all they have. I can think of few things more heart breaking than that.

  2. Was familiarized with Berlinski last year. Love to listen to him. Thanks for posting.

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